Past grows of mine

Unfortunately, the lousy weather and finishing up prerequisites for graduate school has reduced my time to post. To continue to add content here, are some of my past grows. Two grows are done in a propriety blend of super soil, one in no-till and one grown hydroponically in coco. All were raised last year around this time.

Improving Cannabis Crop Production With an Induced Low-Frequency Magnetic Field

IMG_1694Growers in Massachusetts must grow cannabis from seed. Germination is the process by which an organism is produced from seed. The Seedling stage is the most vulnerable part of a plant’s life. Therefore, increasing both germination and growth rate is a priority for all gardeners. Studies exposing a variety of seeds to an induced low-frequency magnetic field (25 mT to 200 mT) for a short period time (10-25 min) are shown to significantly improve germination and growth rate as well as the dry weight of many plants including hops. Hops are a close relative to cannabis. The cost of producing a low-frequency magnetic field is inexpensive. Therefore, it would be of benefit for cannabis growers to experiment with an induced low-frequency magnetic field to increase crop production.


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